Todd gets a Race Car.
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Todd gets a problem at the house.
Jason to the rescue...
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We found out why Jason is a lawyer and not a doctor.
Not a funny story...
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Here's some new pictures of
Jason and Todd when Todd got a new pet...
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Here are some pictures of
Jason and Todd AND Jacob!!!
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Here are some pictures and stories of
Jason and Todd when they were kids...
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AUGUST 4th 2005

It's a beautiful night and Jason and Todd
are out using Dad's new telescope to see the stars.

Oh No!!!  There's trouble at the old Barn.
But wait...  Jason sees help on the way...

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Here is a picture of Jason and I working at the laboratory
when we were kids...

UH OH!!!  I think I pressed the wrong BUTTON.
Press on the button below to see what happened next...

Soon I will have up pictures of "Mark Shyres". Mark of course lives in Laguna Beach.

AUGUST 1st 2005

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